Friday 16th November

*22 Strong Charollais Bullocks Approx 350kgs (follow link for Pictures)

*1 Pedigree 19 month old Hereford Bull, Fruitful and Correct (Follow Link below)

*20 Month old Hol/Fries. Bull – not Registered

*2 Ped Hol/Fries Bulls, Sired by Inch Tarquin 88% Fries PLI £403 + 0.21%BF & 0.10%P. The Paternal G’Dam was Inch Blackisle Daphne 2 Ex92 (4) who did 10588ltrs @ 5.36%BF & 3.31%P. Dam did up to 9540ltrs in her 1st Lactation and up to 4.00%BF & 3.36%P For Keely Herd, Aghadowey (See Pictures)

*Pedigree Angus Bull, January 17

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